Who's Who at Post 770

 Board of Directors

One Year Jim Heroux, Chairman
  Phil Colvin, Vice Chairman
Two Year Don Smith
Three Year Henry Van Ness
  Tom Bennett
No Year Gary Reckdenwald, SAL
  Marti Smith, Aux

 Legion Officers

Commander John Daube
1st Vice Jim Heroux
2nd Vice Don Smith
3rd Vice Lee Stepp
Adjutant Phil Colvin
Treasurer Lee Weaver
Chaplain Phil Colvin
Judge Adv. Tom Bennett
Historian Roger Meier
Sgt-at-Arms Calvin Bailey
Service Off. Jim Sharp

 SAL Officers

Commander Pete Mahoney
1st Vice Jerry Clark
2nd Vice Gordon Veley
Adjutant Lee Weaver
Treasurer Lee Weaver
Historian Leonard Bailey
Sgt. At Arms Nick Boyd
Chaplain Chris Vann
Board of Dir. Rep Gary Reckdenwald

 Auxiliary Officers

President Marti Smith
1st Vice Christina Hulslander
2nd Vice Mary Schmidt
Secretary Mary Mills
Treasurer Nan Colvin
Chaplain Mary Milks
Historian Marge Bennett
Sgt. At Arms Jackie Newhart

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